For those who haven’t worked with a builder before, the design and construction process can seem quite overwhelming. Stories of both triumphs and tragedies are in great supply and where to start or what to ask can be the first hurdle. Your project, however, with a clear understanding of your brief and careful selection of a local professional builder who specialises in your build type, can be an enjoyable process with an outcome that not only adds value to your home but adds comfort and improved quality of life for years to come.

Most questions asked by our clients in the first conversation naturally fall under three categories:

  • Us, our company
  • Design and Approvals
  • Construction

Below we have answered the most frequently asked questions to help get you started and better understand our processes. If we don’t address all your immediate questions below, please give us a call. We’d be happy to chat.


Most asked questions about us, HDMB

Design and Approvals.

most asked questions about our design process and council approvals


Most asked questions about our construction process

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